Run a Full Node Today and Earn Vite Rewards Daily

Run a Full Node Today and Earn Vite Rewards Daily

In Vite's TestNet, all mining rewards obtained by the official Vite SBPs (Vite_SBP01, Vite_SBP02, Vite_SBP03, Vite_SBP04, Vite_SBP05) will be distributed to the community. Recipients of the rewards include voters and users that run full nodes.

Vite's full node reward program will kick off tomorrow (13th December 2018 - 12:13:14 UTC+08) so it would be wise to setup a full node now before it starts. In this guide, we will completely break down for you on how you can run a Vite full node today and start earning Vite tokens daily!

Some requirements would be:

  • Computer (or laptop).

Anything from the last 5 years should be adequate. If unsure, feel free to ask in the comment section or in the official Vite Discord server for advice.

  • Reliable and continuous internet connection with high download limits.

A Vite full node is only rewarded if it is above a certain threshold of about 90% node up-time. This means if you want to get token rewards, your computer/internet connection should not be offline for more than 2 hours & 24mins max in a daily reward cycle (a reward cycle is 24 hours, and starts at China Standard Time (UTC+08:00) 12:13:14).

This is the program you will have to download and run 24/7 on your computer.

You will be required to edit the software config file in-order to insert your Vite wallet address and other details.

  • Utility program to help you extract compressed files (such as 7-Zip, WinRar or WinZip)

.tar.gz file is not supported in Windows without third party software.

  • Vite wallet

You will need a wallet in-order to receive rewards.

So let's get started.

So to receive Vite token rewards, you will need to have a Vite wallet/address. If you don't have one already, you will need to create one by simply going over to, clicking Start and filling in the details. When you are done creating the wallet, you will notice that it comes with a wallet address (vite_xxxxxxx). Note this address down as it will be used later when setting up your full node.

Important: We recommend that you write down your mnemonic words in the exact sequence as soon as you create your wallet as your digital assets and private keys are tied to your unique mnemonic. Your mnemonic words allows you to restore your wallet and regain access to your digital assets.

Then we will need to download Gvite 1.1.1 (which is the minimum required version in-order to receive full node rewards) and you can find this at

This guide will be for Windows so we will be downloading gvite-v1.1.1-windows.tar.gz

Open the folder to where you've downloaded gvite-v1.1.1-windows.tar.gz, right click on the file and select > extract file.

You will need a utility program to be able to extract this file. WinZip or WinRAR will suffice but if you don't have those programs installed, we recommend you to download/install 7-Zip (free and opensource).

Upon extracting the gvite-v1.1.1-windows.tar.gz, you will be see 3 files.




We will need to edit node_config.json (configuration file) and fill in our details before we're able to launch the full node. For this, you will require a text editor that can handle json files as opening the json file with the default Windows text editor (Notepad) will not display it correctly. So for this, we will be downloading, installing and using Notepad++ (free and opensource) text editor.

There will be only 3 sections in the node_config.json file that you will need to edit. Do not make changes to other parts unless you know what you are doing (incorrect changes will result in your full node not operating properly).

Edit only these parts:

  "Identity": "vite-node-name",  // change to your full node name
  "DashboardTargetURL":"wss://",  // add this
  "RewardAddr":"vite_youraddress"   // add in your vite wallet address to receive rewards

When you are done editing, click save and exit.

You're now ready to launch your full node. You can do this by double clicking on gvite-windows-amd64.exe and you should see a command prompt show up with some messages.

If you see something like the image below:

and that means that it should be working correctly. To double check if so, wait 5 minutes then click and search for your full node name in the list.

Common problems: "synchronizing is not complete" means your full node hasn't completely synced to the network yet. May take about 30mins (depends on connection speed) and maybe use around 800Mb of download usage (don't quote us on this 😂).

If you can see no errors, that means your full node should be working and good to go.

You will need to leave your computer/laptop powered on and connected to the internet 24/7 in-order to receive rewards.

Upon a completed reward cycle, you should see rewards being sent to your wallet (usually within 30 minutes).

Congratulations, you've made it 😎

P.S We will update this guide further - after the Vite full node reward program begins.

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